Create an Exceptional Life – Mind. Body. Money.

Scott A. Sumner, M.B.A.

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Chapter 1 Preview:

What kind of life are you having? Is it what you always dreamed of as a child? Each day do you spring out of bed excited to start your day? Can you hardly wait to have FUN?

These are questions you need to ask yourself and to seriously consider the answers. After all, you only get one short life here on earth and you might as well make it a fantastic one. If you had the choice between having the time of your life every day, as you’ve always dreamed about, or a routine, drab, boring, negative existence, which would you want.? I know you’d choose an EXCEPTIONAL LIFE .

But you say: “ I can’t make a choice because everything always goes wrong in my life and nothing ever works out.”

WRONG!!! You can choose an exceptional life. Why not ? You have just as good a chance as anybody else does, and starting right now you are going to get going on it. As one person I met states, Get Up, Get Excited and Get Going!!!! No excuses, no hesitation, no complaining. You are simply going to get going on CREATING AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE! Mark this day down on your calendar, with a thick bold marker because today is the day you will start to make your life FANTASTIC!!!

But how do you begin you ask? This book will get you pointed in the right direction. We will give you the tools and ideas to start making things happen. Remember though, all the skills and abilities you need are hidden within you RIGHT NOW.! It’s like having a freezer chocked full of ice cream, that you forgot about. You just have to let them out . You need to simply identify the process you will take, and begin the great transformation that will make your life EXCEPTIONAL!

The mind is a marvel in my opinion . There is so much potential locked up in every human being, it simply is unbelievable. Our ability to use our mind to change our way of thinking, our approach to life , indeed life itself, is the most important asset in every person . Let me state it again : YOUR MIND IS THE SECRET TO CREATING AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE!!! There is no question about it. If you gain anything from this book, this is the most important point I have to make to YOU!! YOUR MIND IS THE SECRET TO CREATING AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE!!!

Providing your mind with fantastic information, such as reading, is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s better than eating or exercise or making money, because it is the starting line of everything. Once you have the proper mindset, everything else will start to fall into place, and a proper mindset is the start of this book.

How you feel each day has a lot to do with your physical conditioning and your state of health. The next part of CREATE AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE : MIND BODY MONEY talks about health. I think physical health comes down to three factors. What you eat, your physical activity level, and your level of rest. I’m not an MD, I’m an MBA. But my mind has allowed me to gain a significant degree of medical information from doctors, physiotherapists, registered dieticians and personal trainers. These three factors have a major impact on how you feel physically. After your mental attitude, this is the second most important factor in producing a life of exceptional quality.

For the past several years, I have come to realize the importance of physical health, and have launched an invigorating journey of eating healthier food such as, whole wheat bread, 1% milk, and fruits and vegetables with the help of a registered dietician. If you consume too much junk food, it’s like over-filling your gas tank in your car, and spilling fuel onto the ground. In the case of our bodies, this extra fuel is wasted, becoming unwanted fat and body weight. It’s amazing how, by adjusting your diet, your energy level soars. Exercise on a regular basis both for your heart and lungs (cardiovascular), and for your muscles (anaerobic), can radically transform you as a person.

Lastly, the proper rest will make a huge difference in your life. Do you know how to get a great rest every time you put head to pillow ? Have you spent any time thinking about how to improve your sleep patterns? After all, we spend one third of our lives asleep. And how we feel when we awaken each day has everything to do with how good of a rest we have had the night before.

Most people will waste at least part of their lives worrying about not having enough money in the bank. If only they purchased a winning lottery ticket or inherited some money from some obscure uncle. Only then would they be happy. Well the most likely way you are going to accumulate the extra money that will help enhance your lifestyle is to plan and organize your financial future to WIN!! This is very possible, and not reserved for the rich and famous. YOU have to make it happen though. No one else will do it for you in normal circumstances. How much time do you invest in really reviewing financial assets with the view to accumulating wealth over your lifetime? We have all thought about money and wished we could purchase something like a Ford Mustang, a larger house in the country, or a vacation to Australia. But how much time do we actually invest thinking about our current financial position, and how we can improve it to make it multiply over the upcoming years? Very few people take time to really think about it, and, unfortunately, it does affect the quality of your life, especially in retirement years when you have no salary or employment income.

By not giving attention to your money, you increase the likelihood of having none, or little, rather than developing the resources that you need to provide strength and independence. In addition to retiring, there are goals and financial requirements that we need right now. Most young people dream of getting married, raising a family, owning a home, and providing their children with a good college education. All of these goals have financial implications and require wise financial planning with which to accumulate the capital to accomplish them.

It’s my belief that we all have the ability to achieve our own financial security. The question is, how do we apply ourselves? With this book and the section on financial planning, I am certain we can.
Now that we’ve covered the overview of what we intend to accomplish, sit back, relax, and let’s begin the process of planning your exciting future.

There is nothing more vital in any human being than the mind. There is no question, doubt, or debate about this fact. Really the mind is a marvel, a miracle that is so complicated it’s virtually impossible to figure out. Neurosurgeons for example, have a fantastically complex job when they work on the human brain.

When you survey current computer advertisements, you will notice how the speed and storage space have dramatically increased over a short period of time. My first computer in the early 80’s operated at a speed of less than 8 Megahertz, and had a hard drive of under 20 megabytes. At present you can get 1000 megahertz speed and a 100 gigabyte storage easily in a computer. Today’s information is much more complex to process, and vaster in scope. HOWEVER, computers don’t even register with the complexity and power of the human mind . I think the human mind as a computer, would be a trillion megahertz or more, and our storage capacity unlimited. How a living organ can accomplish such feats is truly a miracle.

So what does that mean for us as human beings? We need to use the magnificent mind that God gave us. We need to maximize our potential, and THINK our way through life with skill and abilities that only human beings have. Unfortunately many people , in fact most people, use only a tiny portion of their mind’s ability. It is a giant shame and is something we need to change RIGHT NOW!. This will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself, bar none.

I believe your mind is like your body in that it needs good ideas, just as our body needs good food. You have to continue to feed your mind positive, fantastic ideas on a daily basis, that will change your entire way of thinking and YOUR LIFE. There have been many fantastic individuals who have lived before us in this magnificent world of ours who have developed incredible ideas. These ideas have been available for us to discover in books.

About five years ago, around Christmas in 1995, my father went to the library with my sister and came home with the book THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING by Norman Vincent Peale. After attending primary school, high school, and 6 years of university and after reading countless books on all types of business subjects, I actually stopped reading. However the Norman Vincent Peale book was exactly the remedy I needed to prompt me to start reading once again, and I’ve been reading books like his ever since. I find the ideas fabulous. They feed the mind with some positive food with which to develop. Now I read the best books every day, usually at night, and find it has created in me a very confident and positive person. An important point to realize is that, what you think about is really what matters in your life. It is more important than your circumstances, or what happens around you. It’s what YOU think about what’s going on that matters. How you choose to react to the events that happen to you, and around you, is the only important thing. This sets your attitude and therefore your life. It’s really that simple.

This is an exceptionally important point to think about. You can’t always choose what happens to you, or how people treat you, but you can choose how you react to it or them. You have complete control of your mind at all times . Anyone, even the prisoner in jail can choose what to think about at any given moment. He doesn’t have to feel confined or finished, but can be striving to make life better. It all starts in the mind. This is the beginning. It’s like creating a brand new road map for the life that remains starting now.

Life is very much a gift. We are lucky every minute of every day that we are alive. When we awaken in the morning , breathe fresh crisp air, eat a healthy breakfast, and start our day, no matter what lies ahead of us we are LUCKY!! This is a true statement. The real question is, what will you do with the day you have been given? Will it be fantastic, exceptional, meaningful? Or will it be boring, unhappy, sad? I know I will always choose exceptional. That’s what I want, so how do you get that? Well you have to work at making it the way you want. Life is like playing a game. You have to work at making it a winner. You can win, regardless of who you are and regardless of what your circumstances are. I truly believe that! You can have CREATE AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE!!!